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Welcome to Bloom Screens

We are a unique, artificial floral-focused design, styling and decor company for weddings and events.

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Welcome to Bloom Screens! We are currently under construction. We've got lots of exciting stuff on the way. Please check back in again soon! Bloom Screens Team  ...

These are our most frequently asked questions

You loved browsing thorough our website but still have some additional questions. Well, you have come to the right place. The following list has the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Lets dive in. Are you flowers real or artificial?  Even though our flowers look real,...

My Baby Shower Dilemma & The Birth of Bloom Screens

The idea behind Bloom Screens began back when I was planning my Baby Shower. I thought I had everything straightened out; all the details decided, but a huge dilemma was staring at me right from the centre of my event. Here’s the story: So it's just...

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