How to have a modern Indian wedding that reflects your style.

Are you tired of seeing the same old Indian decor that doesn’t really reflect your style? After your recent engagement, you are ready to book your decor. You finally had the chance to view the “package” options that your local wedding vendors have to offer, however you are struggling to picture yourself on that stage. Well you are in luck. I own a decor company in Calgary, Alberta and let me tell you why your Indian wedding decor doesn’t have to be stale. You have the ability to design a wedding that reflects your style and personality as a couple. You can have a wedding that is timeless, bold, and most importantly unique. Let’s dive in to see how we helped our couple to have a modern Indian wedding that reflects their style.

Meet Our Couple Abhi & Neha.

When Abhi reached out to us to create a custom backdrop for a proposal for his then girlfriend, Neha, he knew exactly what he was looking for. He wanted a non traditional modern backdrop. After gathering all the information we needed, we came up an idea to design a custom organic garden style flower wall. We started creating a design that reflected the style and design he had in mind. We also created a custom “will you marry me” sign for the flower wall. You can see the photo below of what we created for him. You can also book our custom backdrops here.

Indian Wedding Engagement Backdrop Decor
Indian Wedding Engagement Backdrop Decor
Indian Modern Wedding Engagement Backdrop Decor
Custom Engagement Backdrop

Modern Indian Wedding design that reflects the couple’s style

After a successful engagement design, Neha and Abhi reached out to us to design their Mandap at the Fairmont Banff. We were so elated to work with them again. They were such an amazing couple, who had an outstanding style. We were thrilled to be part of their big day. During our initial consultation meeting, they made it very clear that they are looking for a non-traditional mandap and want the design to reflect their style.

After few zoom & phone meetings (because Covid) and site visits, we concluded that Neha is looking for an organic, modern Mandap with very lush and grande floral design. She also wanted to incorporate the colours from her lehnga. We requested her to share if she has any inspirations saved which will help us further understand her vision.

Once our bride confirmed her lehnga design and colours, we were able to finalize on the colours for our mood board. Now that we had all the information that we required from our lovely couple, we finalized the design and started designing the Mandap away. Needless to say, our couple was so thrilled to see it all come together and couldn’t stop thanking us for the decor.

Photography Credit for all Mandap photos at Fairmont Banff goes to Alpha Video Calgary.

Modern Indian Wedding Mandap in Fairmont Banff
Indian Wedding Mandap in Fairmont Banff
Bride at her Modern Indian Wedding Mandap in Fairmont Banff
Bride in Indian Wedding Mandap in Fairmont Banff
Groom at the Mandap in Fairmont Banff
Mandap in Fairmont Banff

If you have enjoyed reading this blog post and are looking for a modern Indian wedding that will be unique and will reflect your style, contact us today. We also recommended checking out the Fairmont Banff page here, if you are dreaming a wedding in that breathtaking venue.

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