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My Baby Shower Dilemma & The Birth of Bloom Screens

The idea behind Bloom Screens began back when I was planning my Baby Shower. I thought I had everything straightened out; all the details decided, but a huge dilemma was staring at me right from the centre of my event. Here’s the story:

So it’s just around this time of year last year and my Baby Shower is a few weeks away. After all of the planning, I decided to host a Garden Tea themed party at home. I had spent hours deliberating over the tiniest details for food, favours, and table decor but I felt something was missing. Reviewing my checklist: food, venue, table decor, cake, and photos…what was missing? A backdrop! It clicked that I needed a beautiful backdrop for my cake table and also for photos. I immediately began scouring the web for ideas. After weeks of research, I was convinced a Flower Wall would be the perfect piece, here’s why:

1) it would be a gorgeous focal point behind my cake plus it would double as a glamorous backdrop for photos and selfies
2) it would add a burst of florals but still compliment all the other decor, and
3) it would add that wow-factor like nothing else and be a great talking point for guests!

Unfortunately, I soon realized that no one offered Flower Walls in Calgary and that I wouldn’t have the perfect backdrop for my bridal shower. After the party (and clean-up), I decided to create a Flower Wall of my own and offer it to other Calgarians who are looking for that ultimate statement piece at their event – and so, Bloom Screens was born. I set a goal to offer maximum floral impact but for those on a budget looking to add that “wow!” statement piece. To this day, we continue to offer jaw-dropping floral masterpieces for a fraction of the price you’d pay for real florals (#silkflowersforthewin).

If you’re planning your Baby Shower or hosting a Bridal Shower for a friend, our Flower Walls are perfect for the DIY individuals looking to add the ideal piece to complete their decor. We also offer event styling to help pair our Flower Walls with just the right additions. We know you have enough on your plate as it is–let us help take care of it for you! Contact Bloom Screens today and bring your events to life! – Sehrish

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