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Flower Walls 101

The date is set, venue selected, guests confirmed (give or take an aunt or two), and decor — for the most part, is decided. The one thing you’re undecided on is a Flower Wall. Sure, they’re absolutely stunning. Sure, they’re all over Hollywood and the red carpet. Sure, they’re all over Wedluxe and other wedding blogs that you follow. But we know what you’re thinking: “Flower Walls are beautiful..but how do I use them?

Welcome to Flower Walls 101

Here are some of most common questions we hear from potential brides, moms-to-be, and other floral inquirers. Class is in session!

Question 1) “How do I use a Flower Wall?”

A luxurious wall made entirely of flowers is a spectacular way to create a focal point like no other. “A focal point” you ask? You need a focal point – that statement piece to transform your event and make it one to remember. Flower Walls are the ultimate statement piece. The beauty of Flower Walls are that they can work nearly anywhere in your event; simply place them wherever you want to draw attention to and get ready for the “oohs” and “ahhs”. Flower Walls also make great backdrops for photos and selfies, pair a Flower Wall with a Photo Booth and your guests will have loads of fun and a neat souvenir from your event.

Question 2) “Where do I put a Flower Wall”

To recap: a Flower Wall can work nearly anywhere at your event. Here are some scenarios for potential placement.

A) At the Entrance
A Flower Wall at the entrance will set the tone for guests as they arrive. They will be thoroughly impressed! 

B) Behind the Bride & Groom at the Alter
Saying “I Do” in front of a wall of luxurious blooms was once a fantasy. Now, it’s a real possibility. Spend the most magical moment of your ceremony standing before a wall of floral magic. Truly unforgettable!

C) Behind the Bride & Groom at the Head Table
Your guests are seated in front of you. They came to see you in all your glory. Give them a real sight to enjoy and never forget as they take in the floral magnificence that overlooks you as you’re seated.

D) Behind the Cake / Dessert Table
An incredible spread of delicious deserts is arranged for the guests to marvel. No ordinary backdrop will do that can live up the awe and wonder that is your Wedding Cake. Flower Walls with their beauty and exuberance are the only backdrop that can do justice to your cake and desserts.

E) As a Backdrop for Photos
Simply pick a location at your venue that you’d like to draw attention to and turn it into a fun, interactive place for your guests to take photos. Flower Walls are the perfect backdrop for photos because they give your guests something to talk about, it will get the phones out for Selfies, and there will be lots of smiles and everyone having a good time. Add a Photo Booth to our Flower Wall and your guests will be having the night of their lives!

Question 3) “Are your Flower Walls freestanding?

All of our Flower Walls are free standing. Each wall is setup on its own sturdy and sleek frame.

(Please note that due to potential health & safety hazards, our flower walls should not be moved for any reason. Bloom Screens cannot accept responsibility if a setup is tampered with. However, if you require a Flower Wall to be shifted after an installation – i.e. between a wedding ceremony & reception site, please consult with us at the time of booking; this may be possible for an additional relocation fee.)

Question 4) “Will a Flower Wall work outside?” “Are they suitable for outdoor events?”

Most definitely! However, should you find yourself battling the elements and be forced to relocate indoors, our Walls will more than help make up your rainy-day alternative.

Question 5) “Are your Flower Walls made from real flowers?

A Flower Wall made out of hundreds of roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and orchids is sure to cost a small fortune. We use only the highest quality silk flowers which allows us to offer our walls for only a fraction of the cost vs. real. Our high quality flowers look and feel completely real; your guests will be left in awe and your wallets intact!

Question 6) “How much does a Flower Wall cost?” 

We have a variety of sizes available for rental. Our 4’x8′ Framed Flower Walls are $200. Our 8’x8′ Flower Walls begin at $300 and our 8’x12′ is $500. Delivery, setup, and take down are additional. Outside of the city delivery charges are based on mileage. Rental prices above are for 1 day rentals, there will be an additional charge for rentals longer than 1 day. Any takedown that is to occur after 11pm includes an additional charge.

Question 7) “How do I get in touch?”

Email us at bloomscreens@gmail.com. We’d love to help bring your event to life!

And that brings us to the end of today’s lesson. You’ve learned all there is to know about having a Flower Wall at your next event! All that’s left to do is to book one– contact us today!


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