10 reasons why you need to (RENT) artificial flowers for your wedding

Rent Artificial flowers for my wedding, Wait what?! (Aren’t they tacky?) You ask. Why would I want to rent artificial flowers? Didn’t I hear somewhere that artificial flowers cost more than real flowers? Let discuss why you need to rent artificial flowers at your wedding.

I have been working with artificial flowers for over 5 years now. I own an Artificial silk flower rental company in Calgary, AB, Canada. Let me tell you why you NEED to rent them for your wedding. Alright, let’s dive in. 

Renting artificial silk flowers is an affordable budget friendly option.

Firstly, Did you know that on average a couple spends between $1000 – $3000 (or even more depending on your area) on wedding flowers?

Secondly, most florists that offer high quality flowers have a minimum spend some time starting at $3000! So, if you are looking for an affordable option, then I highly recommend you look into renting artificial flowers. For example, to rent a high quality flower wall the prices start as low as $450. (Click here to learn more about our flower walls.)

Renting our Flower Wall that is made with Artificial Flowers is such a budget friendly option for your wedding.
Flower Wall made with artificial flowers is such a budget friendly option.

You have the ability to create large floral backdrops without breaking the bank.

You can easily have a large floral backdrop at your wedding. For instant, you have been eyeing this majestic absolutely breathtaking Pinterest worthy backdrop for your wedding however after speaking with a local florist the reality sets in. You find out from your florist, that it is WAY out of your budget, and you will have to use your entire food budget to afford that one statement floral piece that you have been dreaming about. Worry not, you can easily create the same look by renting artificial flowers without having to starve your guests. 

Large wedding backdrop made with artificial flowers
Large wedding backdrop made with artificial flowers

Silk Flowers come in such high quality these days that you can’t tell the difference, and neither will your guest.

Artificial flowers have come such a long way in the past few years. You can rent the high quality artificial silk flowers that will look just as amazing as the fresh flowers and your bank account will thank you later. Every time I am setting up our flower walls, I have bystanders looking in awe and asking if these are real flowers and if they can touch them. I have some photos below for you to see how amazing the artificial flowers look these days. 

Close up for our Rental Artificial Flowers inventory
Close up for our Rental Artificial Flowers inventory

Artificial silk flowers are NOT tacky.

Back in the day when I heard someone mention Artificial silk flowers, I immediately thought of my grandma’s fake flowers in her living room that she bought from the dollar store. However that is not the case these days, the artificial flowers have come such a long way that you won’t believe the quality. More and more well known florists across the world are using artificial florals in their arrangements. Whether it’s a budget issue or simply a specific flower is not available in your area, florists are recommending renting artificial silks to their clients. 

Proof why renting artificial flowers are not tacky for your wedding.
Proof why renting artificial flowers are not tacky for your wedding.

Renting Artificial flowers is so hassle free and there are no storage/reselling after the wedding.

How many times have you heard from a friend or a family member that you should buy your own artificial flowers to save cost? Well sure you can, but then you are stuck second guessing and purchasing a large bulk quantity not knowing if you will have enough flowers or have tons of leftovers. Let’s not forget the ever increasing shipping costs these days. So in the end you do end up spending more than you were hoping for. And then there is the quality concern, nobody wants cheap looking flowers at their wedding. If I had a dime for every time a bride reached out to me after their wedding to sell their artificial silk flowers because they want their garage or basement back, plus they don’t have the energy or the time to sell them on local online marketplaces like they had originally thought.

Another closeup shot of our high quality artificial wedding flowers
Another closeup shot of our high quality artificial wedding flowers

Renting Silk flowers are NOT more expensive than real flowers.

Sure Artificial flowers can be more expensive than real flowers, but only if you buy them yourself. Meanwhile, if you rent the flowers, firstly you are simply cutting down the time you will be spending on purchasing, ordering, and secondly let’s not forget the storing and reselling them later. to sum it up, when you rent the silk flowers, you won’t have to worry about them after the wedding as our company offers full setup, takedown, and delivery service. 

Artificial flowers are more durable.

Have you’ve ever been to an outdoor wedding on a hot summer day? Have you noticed the wilted flowers even before the wedding has even started? For example, even with the right water source, it is very challenging to have fresh looking flowers throughout the wedding. You already know where I am going with this. Meanwhile you will absolutely not have to worry about the weather when it comes to renting artificial silk flowers. 

Rent Artificial Flowers for your wedding
Rent Artificial Flowers for your wedding

Sustainable & Environment friendly

We as a society are becoming more and more aware of our footprint and how we can do better. Renting artificial flowers is very sustainable. You will not have hundreds of flowers that will go in the garbage bin right after the wedding. As an artificial flower rental company, we have been repurposing and reusing the flowers. As a result we are able to keep the cost down and be sustainable as a company. It’s a win-win in our books. 

Artificial silk flowers are Allergen Free.

Renting artificial silk flowers is a great option, if you or someone in your bridal party is allergic to the flowers. This might not be a huge concern for everyone but it can make a huge difference to those affected. 

Close up shot of our Artificial wedding Flowers
Close up shot of our Artificial wedding Flowers

No Out of Season cost

The prices of flowers are very high in our area (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) because of our very short lived summer. As a result, most of our flowers are imported from other places around the world. If you are requesting a specific bloom or a color, then the prices will go up even more drastically. For instant, when you rent artificial silk flowers, you can choose the color and the type of flower you want without having to compromise on your budget. 

Large Floral Backdrop for wedding
Rent Artificial Flowers for your wedding

Now I would love to hear from you. Why do you think it’s a good idea to rent artificial silk flowers at your wedding? Don’t forget to share this blog with others. To rent artificial flowers, please contact us today!

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